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Real Wood Flooring

Get the unmistakable feel of wood flooring in your home. Real wood flooring provides an authentic, naturally durable, and warm underfoot feeling that will last for decades.

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Free impartial advice to help you find the correct real wood floor for your home. Get the right floor, and stay within the budget you have.

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Free Measuring

Don’t over order and waste money. Take advantage of our free home measuring service and remove the guesswork when ordering your new floor.

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Durable, luxurious, sustainable wood flooring

There’s nothing more appealing than a beautifully fitted real wood floor. It’s also one of the most practical and hardwearing flooring choices. Many different species of wood are fabricated into wood flooring in two primary forms: plank and parquet. Hardwoods are typically much more durable than softwoods.

Many people have a tendency to completely overlook Wooden Flooring, because it is initially more expensive than carpet and linoleum; however, you reap many great benefits which outweigh the initial additional cost.

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Good quality wooden floors last for decades

Whereas many people find themselves replacing carpet every 5 years, due to stains, holes, or shabbiness from everyday wear and tear. You will find that with a minimal maintenance program, these floors actually look better as the years go by.

Wood floors are easier to clean than carpets. A simple brush or light vacuum keeps your wooden floors looking great. If dogs or children have dragged mud through the house a damp mop removes this muck with ease.

One of the most important advantages of a hardwood floor, that many people tend to overlook is the timeless appeal that wood has. Carpet, linoleum and tile patterns and colours definitely go in and out of fashion – think of what we had in the 70’s. Wood’s appeal has lasted centuries and in my belief that is not about to change infact wood is more popular now than ever.

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Professional Installation by Expert Fitters

Real wood flooring requires correct installation. With the correct sub-floor preparation and expert fitting, your real wood floor will last longer.

Pre-Installation Inspection

Sub Floor Surface Preparation

Moisture Testing of Sub Floor Surface

Our expert fitters ensure all preliminary tests to the subfloor are carried out prior to installation, and your new real wood flooring is installed properly.

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The Advantages of Choosing Real Wood Flooring

Below are just some of the benefits of choosing Real wood flooring.

Premium Look and Feel – Other flooring may try to imitate the feel of natural wood, but nothing truly captures the connection to nature like a real wood floor.

Durable – Real wood stands the test of time even in the busiest of environments. Hard wearing by nature.

Eco-Friendly – Sourced from sustainably harvested wood, real wood flooring is surprisingly friendly to the environment when compared to other flooring.

Long Lifespan – Real wood flooring can last up to 50-80 Years. The surface of the flooring can be sanded and re-finished multiple times bringing back the ‘new’ feel to old flooring without needing to replace.

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Solid wood or Engineered?

Real wood flooring is available in two different forms, solid wood and engineered, both have their own advantages detailed below. Arrange a free consultation with us and we will discuss each type of flooring with you, and advise what option is best for your floor.

Solid Wood
Solid Wood Flooring

Each plank of solid wood flooring is machined from one solid piece of timber. Looked after correctly, solid wood flooring will last for decades. As wear starts to show over time, solid wood floors be re-finished to bring back their original surface appearance.

Engineered Wood
Engineered Wood

Engineered wood floors consist of layers of different wood fused together. The top layer of wood is the solid decorative layer called the veneer. This is sandwiched on top of a durable base to add rigidity and strength whilst saving cost and without sacrificing the finish.

Real Wood Flooring from the Biggest Brands

Our fantastic range of real wood flooring comes from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

These manufacturers focus on delivering a quality product, whilst responsibly sourcing the wood from sustainable forestries. Come in and see the selection of flooring we supply from the leading brands.

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Price Match Guarantee

We will price match any like for like carpet from a high street or online retailer. T&Cs apply.

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Woodpecker Flooring Oxwich Bamboo Naural Herringbone Cameo 01

Get the Real Wood floor feeling

Elevate your interior décor with real wood flooring. Browse the inspirational images below to help fire up your imagination.

Our Home Visit Service

With our home visit service, you choose the right flooring for you, in the comfort of your own home. We’ll put together samples of potential floor coverings for you and bring them to your home. You’re under no obligation to buy and there are no additional costs. We’ll visit your home at a time that suits you. Whilst you make your selection, we’ll measure the area you wish to cover.

  • Choose flooring in the comfort of your own home
  • Select the style and colour to match your décor
  • We arrange a visit at a time to suit you
  • No obligation to buy
  • Completely free, no hidden costs

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